Georgia Sunset

Sunset seen from the corner lot, up the street.
So nice to have the warmth and the lovely reddish sunset, against the purplish blue sky.
All, so close to home :)

Hope y'all are enjoying your weekend.

Peace :)

Mrs. Shu

Wedding candy from a coworker, who went back to China to get married.
The bag and the presentation were quite lovely, if you ask me.
With a special candy, named after Mrs. Shu.
I shared a few with my lovely wife and became a 'good husband' for the evening.
Quite tasty! And, all gone :)

Peace :)

Fence and a Mailbox

Photo from one of my old rides in the Country of Texas :)
The fence is intended to be the main theme of this photo, but the mailbox is splendid too. Don't y'all agree? :)

This post is linked to Good Fences.
More fences to come in the future...

Peace :)

Lotus at Kadampa Meditation Center

Lotus in the pond at Kadampa Meditation Center, Atlanta, Georgia
I haven't seen a lotus in a long time. It is a lovely flower and always great to look at.

Peace :)

Karmic Bonding

An animal companion at my doctor's office, who was kind enough to share a few moments of his happiness with me.

Best friend one could ever have.
Expects very little in return,

Main objective in life: To make his/her human happy
. . .

I am so glad for all my blessings.

Need I say more?

Peace :)