A boatload of kayakers

Scene from Friday last week. I was headed back from work on the Roswell Riverwalk, when I saw a whole bunch of Kayaks in the Chattahoochee river.
There is usually quite a few kayaks and canoes on the Chattahoochee, but never have I seen several in a group, like this, ever before. It is possible that it is a class or they are all in an event; or, training for something.
Here you can see the kayakers, closer, when going under GA 400. As I have mentioned in other posts, there is a parking underneath the 400, for those wanting to launch their kayaks at this point in the river. There are several other places for that along the river. Many road cyclists park their automobiles here and start their bicycle ride from this point also.

For those interested in exploring cycling in Roswell, there are a lot of beautiful roads one can cycle on. Many of them will challenge you adequately, especially if you love hills and winding roads. On the other hand, if you would like to go for a relaxing ride with your family or by yourself or a friend or two, the Roswell river walk is relatively flat and is quite scenic and really enjoyable.
The Chattahoochee is about 430 miles long and is a major river in Georgia. There is more about the Chattahoochee here.
I always look at this river and think of the several thousands of lives that travelled on it. I am very curious about this river, in particular, as it is always been a mysterious river to me, especially on foggy days. It has an aura about it that is hard for me to explain, but nevertheless, very powerful.

Hope you had a nice weekend!

Peace :)

The King is resting

It is alleged that the one in the center, with the lighter coloration, is the King of all the geese at the lake in our neighborhood.
I found him resting this afternoon, as I headed out to photograph things around the lake.
I sometimes wonder if there are two like the him.
Or, was it just him in a different pose this morning? The photo below was taken using the Pentax and the ones above were taken using the Nikon DSLR.
Irrespective of how many of these guys are around, one thing is for sure - they are very beautiful. I love visiting with them. All of them.

Peace :)


Our a recent walk along the lake path, I had plans to take my DSLR along. However, there was rain in the forecast and given we wanted to walk spiritedly, I changed my mind and took my Pentax Optio W-90, compact camera. Well, it is waterproof, shockproof, etc.

Towards the tail-end of the first half of our walk, I found 'a tree' on which I found some deposits of gum. No, no - not the yucky chewing gum that gets discarded carelessly, but resin/gum. Well, I told my wife that I will catch up with her and started shooting.

I knew they were beautiful formations, but I didn't know I could capture them as well as I managed to, using the fixed focus Pentax.
This particular Pentax has two macro modes; a 'Flower Mode', and a '1mm mode'. I took may of these pictures using the 1mm mode.
The ambient lighting was very good and I could get closer to the deposits of resin without casting a huge shadow on the object of interest.
There were different colored resins too.
Or, was the lighting and the shadows playing games with my mind? I don't know for sure, but I plan to go back and examine these beauties again, with both the DSLR and the Pentax.
Last, but not the least; here is the final photo for this post.

For some reason, I am reminded of the movie Jurassic Park. And, yes, I mean the very first one, by Spielberg.

Peace :)

Spicy Spinach

Another easy-to-prepare, yet delicious dish. I am the lucky person who got to eat it, but didn't have to do the cooking :)

The original recipe is an adaptation of the Spicy Spinach recipe in 101 Cookbooks.

1 big carton of baby spinach
Sunflower Oil or Ghee
Cumin Seeds
Red pepper flakes
Lemon juice
Mint leaves

  1. Clean and dice the leeks into 1 inch long pieces
  2. Heat up the Sunflower oil in a pan; sauté the leeks, until silky tender
  3. Add the cumin, turmeric, and oregano, to the leeks and sauté with the leeks
  4. Add the red pepper flakes (spice it up as much as you like)
  5. Top with Feta cheese and walnuts
  6. Add the Mint leaves
  7. Stir it all together
  8. Add salt to taste
Bon appétit :)

Heirloom Tomato Salad

Simple, very easy to prepare; yet, a delicious salad.

Heirloom Tomatoes
Lime Juice
Diced Mint Leaves
Diced Green Onions
Thanks to my lovely wife, I get to eat some great food.

Peace :)