Sticker Shock + Break from riding!

I haven't gassed-up my truck in eons and I had the fortune of doing that today. Boy was I shocked at the price of gas. It was $3.92, almost $4 a gallon.

I need to get my knees in order and start riding.

Currently, the only riding I do is to the Table Tennis club, about 1/4 mile, twice a week.

Since I moved to Texas, this is the first time I have laid off driving my bike to work for an extended period of time. As I mentioned in an earlier post, my knees still hurt and I am not convinced the fix is a surgery. I am taking some Boswellia and that seems to help.

I will be away for a couple of more weeks.

But, I will post from time to time.

Hope all is well with y'all.

Paz :)


  1. Take a look at Glucosamine as well. Highly recommended in "Cycling Past 50."

  2. I hope that your knee problems get sorted soon.....
    By the way - If you want to see really expensive gas prices come over to the UK..our prices make yours seem like a real bargain!!

  3. Steve - Thanks. I am taking Glucosamine currently. I will check out "Cycling Past 50".

    Trevor - I suppose all the more reason to ride a bike or take public transportation! I will check prices of gas in your neck of the woods online.

    Take care.

  4. Looking at your post, I checked the price of gas today. $4.05 for premium at Quicktrip. Wow - I obviously need to get out more!

  5. Price of gas here is €1,72 for super and €1,75 for super plus. That makes me feel driving a Hummer when I have to pay the filling . But its still just my old Renault Clio.....

    Chandra, I hope you get the knee under control.
    Best wishes,